take a look to the sky…

take a look to the sky...

take a look to the sky…, originally uploaded by u.linder.

i want too welcome everyone that found my new photo-blog!!
a big HELLO!!

i thought about what schould be the opening pictures…but why do not start with my most recent pics?
yes, why not?

ok, the pic you see here was done during a photo tour with mace2000. mace2000 and i went on a tour to the hornisgrinde, the highest point of the northern black forest (1.164 m / 3.819 ft.). it was a great tour. i think there are lots of pics to come. stay tuned….
a thx to mace for showing me this „special“ places 😉

so i hope you enjoy my pics and please give me some feedback, criticism, compliments or anything else!!

greets from germany!!

camera: canon 350d digital
exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
aperture: f/7.1
focal length: 18mm
iso speed: 100