watching and waiting

watching and waiting

watching and waiting, originally uploaded by u.linder.

this picture was originally taken by Brian Auer. In his blog he asked the readers to edit his photo.


„I want you to edit my photo and show off what you can do in the digital darkroom, and to remove the subject in variation we‘ ll all be using the same photo.“

I asked him for the original RAW-file and after i recieved it i started to „remix“ his work. above you can see my interpretaion of his picture. i hope you like and especially i hope he like it too!!

some post-processing information:

– i made three different exposures from the original RAW-file
– layered them and put them together in an DRI-kind technique
– added a black circular gradient to add some kind of vignette around the dove
– added a white inverse circular gradient to add some kind of highlight around the dove
– after flatten the image i created two new pictures out of the file i created before, one b&w and one slightly oversaturated version
– layered them again to cut-out the buoys in the background.
– flatten immage, save, resize and post it.

this is how i made a remix version of Brian Auer’s picture. again, i hope he likes it how i handled his work!

please make sure you visit his blog, the original picture and his flickr-stream!!

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