back!, originally uploaded by u.linder.

i took this pic at the same lake where i took the pic before.
back! means that this is my first pic i posted to my flickr-stream after a 4 weeks break because of a hard-disk and pc-screen crash and this flickr censorship issue.

ok, my pc is fine, all date could be recovered and the new pc-screen is very good!! i bought some new very cool software which is great fun working with!! i hope you can see this in my recent pics too…

pp info:
– hdr and tone mapping with photomatix
– finetuning, contrast and color corrections in lightroom
– cropping and posting

here is an overview about my pics i sent to the competition. the jury will elect the winner on friday the 20th july. i think it couldn’t be a fault to click on the pics that are shown in the overview.

please keep your fingers crossed for me. -)

the pics in my blog:

kurşunlu waterfall



Camera: Canon EOS 350D Digital
Exposure: 2 sec (2)
Aperture: f/22
Focal Length: 18 mm
ISO Speed: 100

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