room with a view

room with a view, originally uploaded by u.linder.

this one was voted as the first ever winner of the pick of the week in a flickr photo group called kris kros contacts. i was very supprised winning this contest because of so many brilliant conternders! none the less i am very happy about it ūüėČ

i took this picture inside one of these special places i mentioned. to be honest this one was done more or less by accident, so i am sorry, but there is no interesting story behind this pic.

i shot a lot of rooms, and then i thought, „ok, lets try something with the autotimer“. i only shot one pic with the autotimer, this one you see here. back home i looked at all my pics and i thought „oh, not that bad“…
ok, it was a little overexposed. i played around with the raw-file and then i thought: „this could be cool“.
i changed the exposure compensation, added a lot of shadow contrast and suddenly the reflection in the window appeared… in photoshop i dublicated the layer, added a black radial gradient overlay in between both layers to darken the bright window. for the upper layer i used the unsharp mask and changed the layer opacity till I thought it’s ok. i used a filter called melanchytron to get this melancholic look and finally i desaturated it a lot.
that’s it!

camera: canon eos 350d digital
exposure: 0.125 sec (1/8)
aperture: f/10
focal length: 18 mm
iso speed: 100

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